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Elleebana PNW Education

Student Testimonials


Chanbo was incredibly attentive, supportive and kind during our training. I felt she was thorough and  encouraging the whole way. I will recommend BoLavish Spa and Elleebana to all my friends and family. ~A.S

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The Ellebana training provided by Bo was one of my most anticipated extracurricular course I expected to take at the Euro Institute. It was heavily promoted and my peers, graduates, and fellow students alike raved about the hands-on and individual touch Bo gave them that they don’t believe they would experience in other settings.

The Ellebana training provided to me as an up and coming professional was an important investment I made to ensure my success in the industry and motivate. The price point, while perceptively steep, was worth it. I would consider retaking or complimentarily taking an additional course for up to $500 if available.

I appreciate the opportunity, time,  and education that was given.

- J. C. 

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