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ELLEEBALM Lami Balm Adhesive

ELLEEBALM Lami Balm Adhesive

The ELLEEBALM product is a white creamy consistency that dries transparent.  When applying it to your rod or shield, our preferred method is to dispense a small amount and apply it with a brush to the rod/shield before beginning the wrap phase of the service.  During the wrap phase, we recommend soaking your bush again in the product, getting more balm on your brush, and then starting to wrap up the lashes.   


This flexible and malleable ELLEEBALM rapidly adheres the lashes to the rods and shields with ease, allowing for isolation and directional correction of lashes without pulling or tugging, thanks to the balms polymerising properties. 


Unlike many balms on the market that come in pots and are prone to air exposure and polymerisation over time, we have chosen a squeeze tube design for the ELLEEBALM.  Bigger is Better, and these tubes hold a brilliant 20ml of product, providing around 100 applications.  However, keep in mind that lash densities and resistance may require varying amounts of product to be used.  This product size makes this an incredibly viable option price wise for salons.


Now, let’s talk about barriers.  Many balms on the market require salons to process lotions for longer than recommended when using a balm.  This takes the security out of knowing the treatment times and initially saw salons blaming brands for their lotions not working as they should, when in fact the changeover to using a balm during a service was the catalyst for these lack lustre results and longer processing times were needed to penetrate the barrier.  From our tests with the ELLEEBALM we have not needed to adjust the processing times with either Elleebana or Elleeplex Profusion systems which is a tremendous win because we all know that time is money and so too is having to guess what processing times to use because you have changed your adhesive around.  This will be an important element when communicating to other balm users who are increasing their processing times, they may now start to find they are over processing with ElleeBALM so our marketing team and educators will work hard to share this message. 


The stronger hold of the ElleeBALM provides a higher percentage chance of lashes staying adhered during the whole treatment process in comparison to other balms on the market.  The problem with many lami balms is that the lashes tend to detach from the shields/rods during the lotion processing steps because the balm is water soluble, and all lift lotions are oil in water emulsions meaning high water content.  The ElleeBALM is really more of a hybrid between the lami balms and the traditional lash lift adhesives available so it’s the perfect storm in one handy tube.   


Lash loving goodness. Packed full of gorgeous ingredients the ElleeBALM is formulated with the lash health in mind.  Packed full of plant based or synthetic essential amino acids so this product is vegan, you will find ingredients such as serine, arginine, threonine, proline, alanine and others usually found in high end skin care products, not often found in lash products due to the expense to include them.  These beauties are providing the ultimate lash hydration.  Other nutrients such as:

Glycerine and Pea protein – a hydration booster

Jojoba oil – moisturises the lashes and offers protection to the follicle

Aloe extract – nourishes and encourages the lash length and thickness

The glutamic acid in this formula is from wheat protein making it vegan but not suitable for celiac.   

Colour and fragrance free to reduce any further possibilities of sensitivities to the balm or to the salons service.

Vegan and cruelty free

Dermatologically tested

12 months after opening is the open time and shelf life is 3 years before opening

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